Helpful Visual SugarPoint Guide and Overview


Using our SugarPoint content guide, you will be able to see the sugar content of all of our recipes. SugarPoints are a simple, straightforward way to gain a clear understanding of the sugar content of the foods and beverages you eat and drink, as well as the effect it will have on your blood glucose level.

Lower Blood Sugar

Weight Loss

Manage Sugar Cravings

Better Immunity Health

A SugarPoint is a visual sugar content guide that provides you with an easy, uncomplicated way to gain a clear understanding of the sugar content of the food you eat and drink and the effect it will have on blood glucose level.

SugarPoints are presented as either a single or row of SugarPoints or a group of four SugarPoints which are called SugarPoint Blocks.

Nil SugarPoints

Your Most Important Tool Against Diabetes

One SugarPoint

The Easy Way to Understand Sugar

SugarPoint Block

Get a Clear Understanding of Sugar Content

Each SugarPoint is rounded to the nearest 1 gram of dietary carbohydrates and each SugarPoint Block is rounded to the nearest 4 grams of dietary carbohydrates.

What have carbohydrates got to do with sugar?

All carbohydrates, or carbs, are basically different forms of sugar molecules. When we consume a carbohydrate, our bodies convert the carbohydrate to either glucose or fructose, which are forms simple sugars.  

Our bodies then use glucose or fructose as fuel for our muscles and cells. Dietary carbohydrates are the main drivers of high blood sugar and so are problematic for people with Type 2 Diabetes or people seeking to lose weight.

SugarPoints give you a clear understanding of the carbohydrate/sugar content of the food and drink you consume. Using our  SugarPoints system, you can make mindful choices and take better control of your diet, blood sugar, weight, and health.