Tasty Low Sugar Recipes for Health & Weight Loss


The SugarDrop Combination meal plan is an excellent choice for both families and singles. Each week this popular meal plan recipe will include delicious meat and fish low sugar recipes that you and your family will love.

Each week, the SugarDrop Combination meal plan includes five delicious recipes. These recipes are a combination of:

  • Meat dishes (chicken, beef, or pork)
  • Fish/seafood dishes
  • Vegetarian dish

All our Combination meal plan recipes are gluten and wheat free.

Low sugar dinners, that do not comprise on taste and will not pile the pounds on your waist.

Your meal plan recipes will be available for immediate download.

A Healthy Way To Reduce Your Sugar Intake

typical Combination meal plan

Reduce Your Sugar Intake Without Compromising On Taste

beef patties with garlic dip

Tasty, Low Sugar Recipes That Are Healthy and Stress-free

Garlic Butter chicken

Detailed Combination Meals & Shopping List

braised spinach with goat's cheese

oven baked sea bream with herbs

Caribbean Fish Curry with Cauliflower

Sugar content Guide

Delicious, Healthy, and Affordable Meal Plan

SugarDrop Rating

Each recipe comes with a SugarPoint rating, giving you a clear understanding of the sugar content of each meal.

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Get Your Passport to Healthy Eating Today

SugarDrop Shopping List

Our detailed shopping lists are divided into sections, grouping your food and grocery items to make shopping easier and less stressful.

no more waste

The Perfect Meal Plan for Families

Leftover Instructions

Not sure what to do with leftovers? Our meal plans include a guide on what to do with leftover food to help you avoid food waste.

Tasty, Low Sugar Recipes That Are Healthy and Stress-free

combination meal plan recipes

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