sugardrop Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you become a member you get instant access to our low sugar meal plans. For more information see How It Works

Yes, we have a delicious range of low sugar vegan recipes.

Great question! Very few families actually have the ability to eat at home 7 nights a week. One of our missions at SugarDrop is to promote healthy lifestyle eating.  As such, if a there is a need to cook for 7 days in the week, we like to encourage our members to use our leftover ideas and meal tips to create their own meals.

In general, our dinner recipes feed a family of four.  However, often, there may be enough lunch leftovers for the next day.

All the recipes in the Combination Meal Plans are gluten free.  As we use whole grains in some of the Vegan meal plan recipes you will find that some recipes are gluten free and others are not.

No! Some of our members use our meal plans every day. In fact, others only make plans two or three times a week and love having the handy shopping list. You can skip days, swap meals, change servings sizes – even create your own plans using our recipes.

Yes, if you need to lose weight, you can use our SugarDrop recipes as part of your weight loss  strategy.

Yes, if you need to manage your blood sugar levels, you can use our SugarDrop recipes as part of your blood sugar management strategy.

No you are in no way obligated. You can cancel your membership at any time and you have no commitment. 

You can cancel your membership in three easy steps from your member dashboards.

We accept payment through PayPal and Stripe. You can pay using your PayPal or Stripe account or use any major credit card.

Yes, we offer SugarDrop Lifestyle Coaching. You can find out more and get a FREE discovery call by clicking this link SugarDrop Lifestyle Coaching