SugarPoint Levels

Deciding on the amount of SugarPoints you will eat at each dinner meal will depend on a number of factors. Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

20 SugarPoints and under

As a general guide, SugarDrop dinner meals that are rated 20 SugarPoints and under may be more suitable for those who are already in good health, have no concern about diabetes and do not have to lose much fat or body weight, who just want to develop a healthier eating style. It will also assist anyone wishing to curb their sugar cravings.

10 SugarPoints and under

Dinner meals that are rated 10 SugarPoints and under may be more suited to those who are living with diabetes (or at risk of) diabetes.

This level may also suit anyone who wants to enhance their mental performance, improve cardiovascular and general insulin health, and lose weight through reduced sugar intake.