Your feedback result shows that you are a

SugarDrop Rookie

It may be a bit strong to say that you’re in a sugar addiction, but your SugarDrop results indicate that you might have an unhealthy attachment to sugar.

Sugar is addictive, and it takes willpower to break your ties with this killer sweetener. We recommend breaking up with the sweet stuff – but maybe not all at once! In order for you to overcome this unhealthy attachment or at least develop better habits, we suggest developing your own plan of action. Sugar can be found in a variety of foods, including fruit and chocolate. 

Take some time to learn about all the food items containing high levels of sugar and start staying away from them by replacing them with lower sugar options that are less damaging to your health.

the SugarDrop Challenge

Change Your Relationship With Sugar And Watch Your Whole World Change.

It’s time to think about how to deal with your sugar demon. Our SugarDrop Challenge is an excellent place to begin. 

You will learn about sugar and how it affects your body and mind during those days. The SugarDrop family will also be there for you during the challenge. Joining the SugarDrop Challenge will be a very good investment in your future health and wellbeing.