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SugarDrop Hanker

You’re probably wondering what a ‘SugarDrop Hanker’ is. A Hanker is defined as someone who has a strong desire for something. In your case, the results indicate that you have a strong desire for the sweet white stuff known as ‘sugar. Your strong desire for sugar may even be destroying your health; this is something you must seriously consider.

You, like many others, consume more sugar than you should, and it may, consciously or unconsciously, control many aspects of your life. If you regularly consume sugary, non-nutritious foods such as ice cream, baked goods, candy, soda, or fancy coffee drinks, you’ll almost immediately notice a difference when you reduce or eliminate these items.

the SugarDrop Challenge

Change Your Relationship With Sugar And Watch Your Whole World Change.

Many experts would agree that your sugar consumption sounds too high and that sugar is not only something you love, it’s like a lifestyle for you.

If you begin to reduce your sugar consumption, you will notice an improvement in taste, more consistent energy levels, fewer mid-afternoon crashes, and a general sense of well-being throughout the day. You will keep your body more in balance if you avoid sugar highs and subsequent crashes. The SugarDrop Challenge can help you get started on your path to conquering your sugar cravings.