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SugarDrop Champion

You’ve figured out a way to control and limit your sugar intake.  In fact, it sounds as though you’re nearly immune to sugar, which makes us wonder if you’re human at all. You have managed to keep a tight grip on how much of the sweet white substance you consume.

What’s the secret to your success? What superpower do you have that makes you immune from the seductive powers of the sweet white stuff? However, don’t take sugar for granted; because it’s disguised in so many meals. So keep be aware of the sugar content of the food and drink you consume

the SugarDrop Challenge

Change Your Relationship With Sugar And Watch Your Whole World Change.

Okay, your results show that you have superhuman self-control when it comes to sugar consumption. It would be fantastic if you could join us for our next SugarDrop challenge.

 It is a group event, your discipline and ability to resist the sweet stuff, could be extremely beneficial for the SugarDrop family members to hear about. We look forward to you joining the next SugarDrop Challenge.