What if you were 7 days away from crushing your sugar cravings for good?

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Take Our FREE 7-day challenge and learn how you can start to crush your sugar cravings for good.

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The goal of the sugardrop challenge!

To not eat any sugar or refined Carbohydrates for 7 days!

Excess sugar is dangerous to your health   

  • Excess sugar in your diet can lead to short and long term health problems.
  • Cutting down can help you reclaim control of your cravings and your health.
  • Cutting down on sugar is the single best thing you can do for your body and brain.
  • Sugar is physiologically and psychologically addictive. It’s tough to break sugar addiction,

Let’s kick sugar - and your sugar cravings to the curb.

How does the SugarDrop Challenge work?

  • Sign up for 7-day challenge
  • You will receive a series of welcome and support emails over the course of the 7-day challenge
  • Using the SugarDrop FOCUS method, you will develop a plan to start crushing your sugar cravings
  • View a series of SugarDrop education and guidance videos
  • Create daily SugarDrop action steps
  • You will have access to the SugarDrop Challenge Support Community
  • Gain support from the SugarDrop Challenge community
  • You’ll pay close attention to the foods you eat
  • Complete the SugarDrop Don’t Break The Chain Challenge (optional)


Participating in the SugarDrop Challenge will provide you with a number of benefits, which include:  

  • Improving your blood glucose control
  • Help you to lose weight
  • Improved and clearer skin
  • Improve your mental focus and mood
  • You will feel less hunger and your cravings for junk food will dramatically reduce
  • You will feel more energetic throughout the day, with no crash, courtesy of more stable blood sugar levels

Sugar has been the cause of many people gaining weight and becoming unhealthy.

This may seem unbelievable at first, but once you stop consuming this sweet addictive substance for 7 days, you’ll be surprised how healthy and energetic you feel.

Are you In? Great!

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