Your feedback result shows that you are a

SugarDrop Apprentice

It appears that you have a reasonably healthy relationship with the sweet stuff and that you have learned how to have some control of your sugar demon. Sweets, chocolate, and pastries are enjoyable when you’re in the mood, but they don’t rule your life.

That’s certainly better than a lot of people’s situation. However, do not take sugar for granted, as it is hidden in so many foods your consumption of sugar could be become much greater without you really being aware.

You appear to be able to tell when you’ve had too much sugar, and you can leave the table happy without feeling nauseous. That’s a lot healthier than many people’s diets!

the SugarDrop Challenge

Change Your Relationship With Sugar And Watch Your Whole World Change.

Your results show that you can resist the temptation of sugary foods (well at least some of the time). You still like to feed that sugar demon every now and then. Learning more about sugar and what foods convert to sugar is a great way to stay on track.

Our SugarDrop Challenge is a great way to learn more about sugar and which foods convert to sugar in your body. It would be great if you could join us during the next challenge. Check out the link below.